Injured Immigrants

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El Paso TX and Las Cruces NM Immigrant Accident Lawyers

In places with a shortage of native workers, undocumented immigrants often take more dangerous jobs – and can be particularly vulnerable when it comes to on-the-job accidents. All too frequently, negligent parties use immigration status as an excuse for not providing necessary compensations. That’s why everyone, regardless of legal standing in the U.S., should have access to expert counsel from qualified El Paso & Las Cruces personal injury lawyers; no person deserves any form of exploitation or injustice due solely to their immigration history! Everyone has the right to get help understanding options available after suffering an accident at work: No one should ever use laws meant for protection as justification for escaping accountability.

The Right to Bring a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Despite the complexities of navigating U.S. immigration law, everyone living within its jurisdiction is legally entitled to access civil courts and file lawsuits – including undocumented immigrants who, sadly, often suffer serious injuries yet fear exposure enough that they don’t seek legal advice or justice available to them by right. According to the 14th Amendment of our Constitution, each person residing in Texas or New Mexico has a right to due process and equal protection under state laws regardless of citizenship status – thus affording all people future hope for obtaining their rightful legal remedies when need be.