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    Award Winning Personal Injury Lawyers in Texas and New Mexico

    Ribail Law Injury lawyers provide reliable, experienced legal representation in both El Paso and Las Cruces - whether you need assistance with an injury claim or other situation. Get the help you deserve from dedicated professionals today!

    Mature man making a phone call after a car accident, smoke in the background.

    After experiencing a car accident in El Paso or Las Cruces, you may be facing immense medical costs and long-term or lifetime care. Even if the initial impact wasn’t extremely severe, delayed onset injuries can still arise months later. Ribail Law understands these circumstances – contact one of their knowledgeable New Mexico and Texas auto accident attorneys today for an accurate view into your case!

    The indiscretion of truck drivers in interstates are the most common cause of fatal accidents in USA

    With years of experience helping truck accident victims in West Texas and New Mexico, Ribail Law is the trusted source for justice. Hundreds of commercial vehicle collisions have been handled by our dedicated team of attorneys who understand how devastating such an event can be to all aspects of life- physical, emotional and financial. We’ll ensure that appropriate accountability falls upon negligent drivers and their respective companies.

    Uninsured Male Driver With Whiplash At Fault After Road Traffic Accident

    The Ribail Law is here to help you recover after a personal injury – whether it be monetary compensation for medical costs, lost wages or more. Our experienced El Paso and Las Cruces law firm has been in the business of providing justice for victims with long-term injuries needing treatment over months, years or even lifetimes. Don’t let insurance companies take advantage of your misfortune; get fair reparation today!

    Young woman comes out of the store and slipped

    From streets and sidewalks to swimming pools, Ribail Law provides experienced legal counsel for clients harmed by the negligence of others in West Texas and Southern New Mexico. With a proven track record in premises liability cases, contact us today to speak with our lawyer Ribail during your free consultation – we have offices conveniently located in both El Paso and Las Cruces so don’t hesitate!

    Woman is helping her colleague after accident in factory. First aid support on workplace concept.

    If you have been hurt on the job in either El Paso or Las Cruces, it’s important to explore all your options for financial recovery. At Ribail Law we specialize in helping clients get compensation from an outside party responsible for their workplace injury — giving them a chance at getting further justice and what they deserve. Don’t settle with workers’ compensation – find out today how our team can help!

    Uninsured Male Driver With Whiplash At Fault After Road Traffic Accident

    Don’t face a divorce or family law dispute alone – turn to the trusted Ribail Family Law Division in El Paso for excellent care and compassionate legal support. Our team of experienced lawyers will offer you effective guidance through your difficult times, helping you find workable solutions so that both yourself and your loved ones can move forward with confidence. Reach out today to arrange an appointment!

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    Let the legal experts at Ribail Law take the stress out of your personal injury case. Our Texas and New Mexico attorneys are dedicated to helping you get the justice – and compensation – that’s rightfully yours, no matter how complex or unique your situation may be. With our experienced team on board, rest assured knowing we’ll work tirelessly every day until all your needs are met!

    At Ribail Law, we're in your corner. Our mission is to ensure you are justly taken care of and compensated for what’s rightfully yours. You can trust us with the defense of your rights!

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